Selasa, 02 Juli 2013


Howard’s Morning  

The clock radio played (t) soft music, but it sounded (id) far away to Howard. At last, he opened (d) his eyes, rolled (t) over, and looked (t) at the clock. He turned (d) away and started (id) to go back to sleep when suddenly he realized (t) that it was already eight o’clock. He was late. He jumped (t) out of bed, quickly shaved (d), brushed (d) his teeth, combed (d) his hair, and got dressed (d). He’d wanted (id) to take a shower, but decided (id) that there wasn’t enough time. He rushed (d) down the stairs and into the kitchen. He hated (id) being late. Hurriedly, he fixed (d) breakfast – coffee and a toasted (id) English muffin (no time for his usual fried (d) egg) – and raced (d) out the door. He started (id) his car and had just pulled (d) out the driveway when the thought popped (d) into his mind: it was Saturday; he didn’t have to go to work after all. He slowly returned (d), climbed (d) the stairs, changed (d) his clothes, and went back to bed again.

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