Selasa, 02 Juli 2013


Sri:       Hello gus

Agus:   Hello

Sri:       how are you gus?.
I heard from my friend, you’ve got a job?

Agus:   I’m fine.
            Yeah I’ve got a job, how about you?
Did you have a job?

Sri:       Yeah I’ve got one.
I work in Telkom, my company is around here.
Where are you working now?  

Agus:   Now I’m working in the company as a leading automotive marketing in Jakarta. I’m sorry sri I’ve to go back to the office, there is important meeting.

Sri:       Ok, I think I'm also going back to the office as well.

Agus:   Ok, nice to see you again.
Bye sri, have a nice day.

Sri:       Yeah, you too
Bye agus.

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