Selasa, 02 Juli 2013


Laundry Time

Liz hates (s) doing the laundry. She realizes (iz) that four weeks (s) have passed since her last trip to the Laundromat. There are piles (z) of clothes (s) in the closets (z), the sheets (s) and towels (s) are dirty, she’s (z) been wearing the same pair of blue jeans (z) for nine days (z), and she doesn’t (z) have any clean socks (s) or blouses (iz) left. She thinks (s) about it while she watches (iz) one of her favorite TV shows (z). She wishes (iz) she didn’t have to do such chores (s). Then she opens (z) a book, turns (s) the pages (iz), and tries (z) to study. The phone rings (s): one of Liz’s (z) friends (s) reminds (s) her about Sally’s (z) party tomorrow evening. She decides (z) that it’s (z) now or never. She can’t go to the party unless she washes (iz) one of her new dresses (iz). She stuffs (s) all her clothes (s) into two laundry bags (s). She strips (s) the bed and pulls the pillowcases (iz) off the pillows (z). She goes (z) through the apartment, picking up everything in sight. Finally, she grabs (s) some coat hangers (s), two boxes (iz) of detergent, and her keys (z), and closes (iz) the door behind her. She hopes (s) she won’t be too late. She arrives (z) at the Laundromat, carries (z) in all her belongings (s), and searches (iz) for some empty machines (s). But they’re all either in use or out of order. She sighs (z), picks (s) up everything, and drives (z) to the local video store to rent a couple of movies (z).

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